Klairs - Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Klairs - Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

  • Brand: Dear, Klairs
  • Product Code: KL05
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  • Rp280,000

The Supple Preparation Unscented Toner (180ml)

The unscented toner is the second version of the Original toner that excluded all essential oil, which makes it scent-free. While the original toner contains non-irritating all natural essential oil, the unscented was made to provide an option for customers’ preference for scents.

1) We recommend the unscented toner to people who are sensitive to scent.
2) We recommend the original toner to people who like the natural oil scent.

How to use
After cleansing, apply the toner to clean skin. Pat with palms for complete absorption.
*Multiple application is recommended for dry areas.