Out Of Stock Shiseido - Baby Powder (Medicated)

Nett Weight - 50gr

Bedak dari shiseido cocok untuk segala jenis kulit karena diperuntukan untuk baby skin. Tidak menyebabkan breakout atau alergi pada kulit. Menyerap minyak berlerlebih dan memmbuat kulit menjadi matte, bentuknya jg padat jadi lebih mudah digunakan. 

Shiseido powder has a mild ingredient that is safe for all skin type EVEN safe for babies too. Will not have a breakout from pimples and other skin allergies. A kind of gentle baby powder with a clear matte finish, it is in a pressed form so that the powder itself is more manageable and avoid wastage from powder dropping off from the case. It comes with an original fluffy puff for comfortable application. Use this every day on your face to have a fresh, clear, matte finish, oil-free skin all day! Has light milky fragrance.

Shiseido - Baby Powder (Medicated)

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